Benefit from a personalized 45-minute coaching session with Florin to help you understand your Maxwell Communication Impact Report.

What you'll get:

✔ Your 14-page In-depth Report

  • Graphical Representations of Your Communication Styles
  • Your Public, Private and Perceived Style
  • Your 7-Dimensional Leadership Profile
  • Actionable Insights and Tips

✔ 45-min One-on-One Coaching Session with Florin

✔ Personalized Development Plan


How does it work?

Once you confirm your payment:

1. Your Unique Key Code will be provided to you by email with all the instructions on how to fill out the assessment.

2. You complete your assessment, which takes less than 10 minutes.

3. Your 14-page Communication Impact Report is available for download right away.

4. Book Your 45-min Coaching Session with Florin

What People Are Saying:

Before working with Florin I had little to none hope of turning around the situation I was facing at work. During the 12 months of Florin's mentorship my hope returned, as well as the strength to face the work obstacles I had ahead of me.

Jenny Said

At the time I met Florin I wasn't 100% certain on a few important questions related to my next career chapter, and I remember it had me feeling both anxiety and a fear of failure. Today, looking back, and after committing to the process with Florin on a weekly basis for a year, I feel an extraordinary positive change. The growth has not only showed in great business outcomes but more importantly so, it has changed me as an individual for the better. Florin is an extraordinarily talented person who is genuinely good, wise and is equipped with the tools for success. If you let him, Florin will without a doubt help you grow in whatever area you desire to grow. You simply need to have yourself fully invested in the process. Florin has helped me become a better thinker and doer. and I'm tremendously grateful for it.

Alexander Östergren

Just before I met Florin, I was felt I was quite overwhelmed at times and confused because I didn’t know which way to turn with gaining more sales traction. There were so many things to be done and so little time. My life overall was suffering in terms of my personal well-being due to stress of being ‘stuck’ in my head and this was also impacting my personal relationships. Thanks to Florin’s coaching I was able to take a step back, I was able to get the clarity and direction that I needed to move ahead in a much more efficient way.

Adrian Masey

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