Adrian Massey, Entrepreneur, C'go Drinks, UK

“Just before I met Florin, I was felt I was quite overwhelmed at times and confused because I didn’t know which way to turn with gaining more sales traction. There were so many things to be done and so little time. My life overall was suffering in terms of my personal well-being due to stress of being ‘stuck’ in my head and this was also impacting my personal relationships. Thanks to Florin’s coaching I was able to take a step back, I was able to get the clarity and direction that I needed to move ahead in a much more efficient way.”

Kristina Angelova, Purchasing Analyst, Volvo, Sweden

“During the last months I have participated in three of Florin’s mastermind groups. Therefore, I can with no doubt recommend both John Maxwell materials and Florin as a coach to anyone on a quest for personal growth and fulfillment. I personally will keep Florin as my go-to person whenever I feel stuck in my leadership journey. Thank you for adding value in my life, Florin!”

Olive Pellington, Educational Coach & Author, UK

"Florin’s coaching method allows clients to take a step back and look at the situation from all angles. By taking this approach Florin is able to assist you in gaining the clarity and direction needed to make better decisions. I can see how his relaxed manner puts clients at ease while addressing difficult issues. He is a very supportive and encouraging coach and I have no hesitation in recommending Florin to anyone looking to make positive changes in themselves and their business."

Paul Skuse, Figura Visualisation, Bristol, UK

“Over the last few months working with Florin on my personal and professional growth, I have come to appreciate his coaching skills. First his “partnership” approach when working with me to facilitate bigger thinking and a greater awareness and his powerful accountability to make sure I follow through. I look forward to many years working closely with “Captain Accountability” as I move through every stage of my personal and business growth.”

Jenny Moosige-Norheim, Owner, Joyful Education AB, Sweden

“Before working with Florin I had little to none hope of turning around the situation I was facing at work.

During the 12 months of Florin's mentorship, my hope returned, as well as the strength to face the work obstacles I had ahead of me. Looking back the mentoring gave me methods to sort out and verbalize my hurdles thus clarifying the situation at hand. He’s mentoring also taught me how to better prioritize my workload. It was somewhat like creating a clearer map on my way forward and my mentor Florin kept walking next to me to make sure he was available when needed until we reached the goals set.

Florin is a very professional mentor that quickly grasps new concepts. In a respectful way, he asks core questions that ushers me forward on my path. He is committed, always prepared, and focused to help me get the most out of each mentoring session."

John Daly, Preschool Business Owner, London, UK

“I would recommend Florin in a heartbeat to anyone looking to overcome challenges whether they are business or personal.

He has an uncanny knack of being able to challenge my assumptions and thinking without putting me on the defensive. Don’t be fooled by his mild mannered approach, he will hold you accountable to your commitments. However, that is exactly what we all need, someone to help us stick to commitments but in a friendly way where you’d feel bad letting them and yourself down if not.

I’ve known Florin for a good while now and he has had nothing but a positive influence on me finding and achieving my goals."

Fiona Huang, Management Consultant, Sweden

“Florin is a great coach and has been helped me out in my earlier situation on focusing goals and achievements! Get him and get your continually personal growth.”