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I take years of best practices from leading teams & projects in global companies and working with organizations worldwide to help you attract, retain, and engage your top talent. 


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Struggling to Attract, Retain and Engage Top Talent?

Company culture is all about group identity: your team ideas, their expertise, reputation, and personality. But building a highly-performant business around your organization's values -- an employer brand -- requires something different. 

Many leaders struggle to leverage their personality, leadership style, and experience so they stand out in an authentic, people-oriented, heart-centered way.

What's really needed is a proven, step-by-step blueprint that combines the personal development piece (who you are), the business development piece (what do you have to offer), and the leadership piece (the art and skills to motivate people and persuade them to follow you).

You deserve a trusted advisor to help you go from here to there. 

Hey, Florin Lungu here.

I’m a leadership expert, mindset coach, and organizational development trainer with the largest professional coaching and training organization, The John Maxwell Team.

Over the last decade I’ve worked with some of the automotive industry’s largest organizations as well as many small and medium companies from around the world. This has led me to one conclusion: Leadership isn’t about being served, it’s about serving others.

I teach an 8-step framework called Leadership for the Now Blueprint to help you gain clarity on your leadership style,  company vision, and strategic goals.

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My goal in this each week is to give leaders like you something to think about – questions to ask, directions to travel in, and perspectives to pursue – as you look for new ways to serve and develop the people you lead.

As a coach, it is my goal to ask the questions whose answers lead you to your next step!

Join My Free Leadership for the Now Email Series »

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Kristina Angelova

“During the last months I have participated in three of Florin’s mastermind groups. Therefore, I can with no doubt recommend both John Maxwell materials and Florin as a coach to anyone on a quest for personal growth and fulfillment. I personally will keep Florin as my go-to person whenever I feel stuck in my leadership journey. Thank you for adding value in my life, Florin!”

Adrian Massey

"Just before I met Florin, I was felt I was quite overwhelmed at times and confused because I didn’t know which way to turn with gaining more sales traction. My life overall was suffering in terms of my personal well-being due to stress of being ‘stuck’ in my head. Thanks to Florin’s coaching I was able to take a step back, I was able to get the clarity and direction that I needed to move ahead in a much more efficient way.”

Jenny Said

“Before working with Florin I had little to none hope of turning around the situation I was facing at work. During the 12 months of Florin's mentorship my hope returned, as well as the strength to face the work obstacles I had ahead of me."


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