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Leveraging AI for People-Centric Leadership: Practical Applications of GPT for Managing Teams

Join us for a transformative webinar designed to help leaders harness the power of AI for better team management.










FLORIN LUNGU: Elevating Leadership in Tech & Engineering

Florin Lungu combines emotional intelligence and strategic acumen to empower tech and engineering leaders. As a member of the Maxwell Leadership team, Florin partners with visionary leaders to inspire teams and drive transformative growth. Specializing in emotional intelligence, influential communication, team dynamics, and adaptive leadership, Florin is dedicated to unlocking the potential within each leader to foster innovation and collaboration.

At Leveraging AI for People-Centric Leadership webinar, you will...

  • Enhance Team Communication with AI: Learn how to use GPT to draft clear, empathetic communications, translate messages for diverse teams, and mediate conflicts effectively.

  • Provide Personalized Feedback and Coaching: Discover practical ways to leverage AI for crafting personalized feedback and coaching tips, supporting your team’s growth and development.

  • Boost Productivity and Efficiency: Explore AI-driven tools for managing meetings, prioritizing tasks, and automating routine activities to save time and improve team efficiency.

  • Implement AI Ethically and Effectively: Understand best practices for integrating AI into your leadership routine while maintaining ethical standards and ensuring data privacy.

  • Stay Ahead in the Rapidly Evolving Tech Landscape: Gain insights into the latest AI advancements and learn how to improve your leadership approach with cutting-edge tools and strategies continuously.

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What Our Attendees Say:

Kristina Angelova

During the last months, I have participated in three of Florin’s mastermind groups. Therefore, I can with no doubt recommend both John Maxwell materials and Florin as a coach to anyone on a quest for personal growth and fulfillment.

Johan Holpers

Florin was a really good teacher and he added value to me. He opened my thoughts to grow myself in this area to connect to people in a better way. I can really recommend this course.

Kia Helles

Florin kept the course interesting and held the group dynamics very well; thank you for a great mastermind group and coaching.



✔ Transform Your Leadership with AI: Discover how AI can revolutionize your approach to leadership, enhancing your ability to inspire and manage your team effectively.

 Gain Practical Insights: Learn actionable strategies for using GPT and other AI tools to improve communication, provide personalized feedback, and boost productivity.

 Learn from an Expert: Benefit from the expertise of Florin Lungu, a seasoned leadership consultant and executive coach with a proven track record in tech and engineering sectors.

 Stay Ahead of the Curve: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape, ensuring your leadership remains relevant and impactful.

Interactive and Engaging: Participate in a dynamic session with opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions, ensuring you leave with a clear understanding of how to apply AI in your daily work.

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