mindset persistence Nov 29, 2020
Example of Persistence

If you knew what 500 of the world’s wealthiest people knew - would you do as they do?

Napoleon Hill dedicates an entire chapter to Persistence in the most sold business book, Think And Grow Rich. Your paradigms will shift when you consistently feed your mind with repetitive information.

Hill describes the four steps that lead to the habit of persistence as:

  1. definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment.
  2. definite plan, expressed in continuous action.
  3. mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose (a mastermind group). 

These four steps will also lead to the mastery of fear, discouragement, and indifference.

Persistence is one of the common threads in the 500 wealthiest people’s repertoire - make it part of your daily practice.  

As the river flows through the canyon shaping rock, your persistent thought and action will shape your future.

Make it a fantastic Sunday,