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On Wikipedia, comfort is defined as a sense of physical or psychological ease, and a lack of hardship while uncomfortable are people lacking in comfort.
I disagree!
I am hung up in the word “lacking”. I think people who are comfortable are lacking.
Let me explain.
When you go along in life and stay within the lines, always on the safe side of the street, not taking risks and staying under the radar, you think you are comfortable. You don’t ruffle feathers, you don’t cause problems, you avoid drama… Ha!
That is not the life I want to live. Not that I desire to ruffle feathers and be that obnoxious guy no one wants around.
Far from it.
I want to be the person that takes the risks, that lives in that uncomfortable zone because that is where I am growing – taking life by the horns. Experiencing new things. Having new adventures. Dreaming big dreams and better yet, living the life I desire.
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