Do You Have A Clear Purpose and Vision for 2022?  


Do you know exactly what kind of results you want to create in the 5 essential areas of your life? 


If you are not sure – or worse yet, you don’t know what these five critical areas of your life are – let me guide you through my proven Purpose-Vision-Goals formula, and use 2022 to start building the kind of life you've always dreamed of living.


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How Does Our Purpose-Vision-Goals Process Guides You From Where You Are Today To Where You Want To Be?

STEP 1: We Identify Your Success Models

Success leaves clues. We will go through your life timeline and identify how you created success in your life up until this point.

STEP 2: We Gain Clarity on Your Purpose in Five Important Areas of Life

Successful people have a written Purpose statement in each essential area of life: Personal Growth, Family & Relationships, Physical Health, Spiritual Journey,  Freedom of Time & Money Flow.

STEP 3: We Formulate Your Vision and Set Goals in Harmony with Your Purpose

Starting from your Purpose we will identify ways for you to live it out - your Vision. We will then identify pieces of your Vision that become your Goals.

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What My Satisfied Clients Say About Working With Me

Alexander Östergren

"At the time I met Florin, I wasn't 100% certain on a few important questions related to my next career chapter, and I remember it had me feeling both anxiety and a fear of failure.

Today, looking back, and after committing to the weekly process with Florin for a year, I feel an extraordinary positive change.

Florin has helped me become a better thinker and doer, and I'm tremendously grateful for it."

Jenny Moosige-Norheim

Before working with Florin, I had little to none hope of turning around the situation I was facing at work.

During the 12 months of Florin's mentorship, my hope returned, as well as the strength to face the work obstacles I had ahead of me.

His mentoring also taught me how to better prioritize my workload.

The coaching process created a clearer map on my way forward, and my mentor Florin kept walking next to me, making sure he was available when necessary until we reached the goals set."

Adrian Massey

"Just before I met Florin, I was felt I was quite overwhelmed at times and confused because I didn’t know which way to turn with gaining more sales traction.

Overall, my life was suffering in terms of my personal well-being due to the stress of being ‘stuck in my head,' which also impacted my personal relationships.

Thanks to Florin’s coaching, I was able to take a step back. I was able to get the clarity and direction that I needed to move ahead in a much more efficient way.”

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