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Mindset Shift #044 - If You Feel Overwhelmed, You Are Under Purposed

mindset shift Oct 27, 2019

It was 5:23 AM this morning. I heard Florina making some noise, and as I began to re-gain my consciousness and feeling back in my limbs, I raised my head just enough to glaze my eyes over the alarm clock and take a sip of water. I turned on the other side, put my face in the pillow to sleep for another 90 minutes or so. The problem is I couldn’t go back to sleep, and a thought came to mind…

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Mindset shift #043 - Why Comparison Is The Worst Thing You Could Ever Do

mindset mindset shift Oct 20, 2019

Have you ever felt discouraged and felt that you are not good enough? 

I know I did. 

And the reason why I felt and I feel that way, is because I compare myself to others that are ahead of me. That's one of the worst things I could ever do. Comparing ourselves to others is one of the worst things we could ever because whenever we compare ourselves to someone else or something else inside our business, our personal life, career or inside of anything, there only two things that could happen...     

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Mindset shift #042 - How not asking for help put a lid on my results

mindset shift Oct 13, 2019

How comfortable are in asking for help? I know I wasn't comfortable at all. I grew up in an environment where supply was limited and in the post-communist Romania, I had to fight my way through the crowds to get that job that I wanted, to get that house and to make that girl date me. So, asking for help was foreign to me. I was very comfortable in offering help and I was the one helping my peers with their homework in school but I wouldn't ask for help 'cause that would show that I don't have all the answers and I don't know them all. 

Today, I still wrestle with this idea of asking for help but if you are in my network here in Gothenburg, you most likely have heard from me asking you for help to promote and spread the word about Live2Lead. An amazing Leadership and personal development event we bring to Gothenburg and a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best thought-leaders. I've got out of my comfort zone and I've asked for help. So if you have a big...

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Mindset shift #041 - What makes some people more successful than other

mindset shift Oct 06, 2019

Tune in for your Mindset Shift video this weekend and uplevel your thinking. 

For more than four decades, my mentor and business associate, John C. Maxwell, studied successful people and he came to the conclusion that despite the astonishing diversity, they all have one thing in common. They're all great thinkers. 

The biggest difference between successful people and less successful ones is the way successful people think. The good news is you can learn to think how successful people think and if you change your thinking you can change your life. 

This series is my way to share with you what I'm learning on my entrepreneurial journey so you can too enhance your thinking and build a successful mindset. 

If you found value in this message and you are open-minded to learn what highly successful entrepreneurs do differently, then start practicing the mindset shifts and watch the results in your life. 
Comment below. I would love to hear how does this shift plays...

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Grow Intentionally - #001 - Potential

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2019

Drop-in for a weekly message on Growth and Development and set the stage and the intention for the week that just started. 

If you've missed today's live release, here is a chance for you to catch up the recording or if you wish just listen to the audio version of it below. 


 Download the hand-out by clicking the link below and take as little as five minutes to reflect upon the questions. You will be glad you did. 

Download the lesson hand-out here.

I would love to hear from you and what you're learning on this journey so join us on the Become Your Best Version Community and let's get to know each other. 

 See you on Monday at 08:00 CEST for a new lesson. 

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Angela Ahrendts - Investing in People

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2019

Hear from Angela Ahrends, former SVP of Apple Retail on what Apple offered as a benefit for its people so they can say "I care. I'm investing in you.

If you like what you hear and you'll like to hear from Angela right here in our community, join us at Live2Lead event in Gothenburg.

Angela was most recently Senior Vice President of Apple Retail based in Cupertino, CA. During her five years, she integrated Apple’s physical and digital businesses to create a seamless customer journey for over a billion visitors a year. Before her transition to Apple, Angela served at Burberry as Chief Executive Officer for nearly nine years where her leadership focus on culture, values and positive energy resulted in tripling the business and quadrupling the share price.

"Investing in people isn't just what am I doing for you one-on-one; it's also showing  them in a huge way that you're part of the greater good of the whole.

Again, here is how you can join us for...

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Mindset Shift #040 - From knowing growth matters to actually doing the work

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2019

What's the shift that needs to happen to go from knowing that personal development matters to actually doing the job? 

Tune in for a short video or continue reading below.

Just this morning I was listening to Rachel Hollis.

Now Rachel is a #1 New York Times & #1 USA Today Bestselling Author, a top business podcaster and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world. Known as “the Tony Robbins for women” because of her motivational, high energy style and her unique ability to empower and encourage a female audience. 

She shared something that resonated with me, and today I want to talk to you about what’s the shift that happens to move from knowing that personal development is essential to actually doing the work.

Because I don’t need to tell you that personal development matters.

Most people would agree that it matters to grow themselves personally.

Is the same thing like working out every day. 

Do you know that if you...

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The internal fight

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2019
Today is the first day of my new life and I'll share why in a future post but before I do, consider this.
I've earlier shared with you that four years ago I left my family, friends and all which was familiar to me behind and moved to Sweden.
I would have never thought I will be where I am today. Not in my wildest dreams. That seemed soo impossible for me back then. But as my mentor and associate, John C. Maxwell says, 'Everything worthwhile is uphill' and as we all know, growth happens only outside of our comfort zone.
I had a calling and I couldn't just ignore it and go on with my life.
We have inside of us two energies that are fighting against each other. One who's invested in maintaining the status quo and another one who comes from our highest calling and pulls us towards our goals and dreams. To which one do you choose to listen to?
Do you choose to listen to the one who says you are not enough or you do not have...
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What makes a great decision

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019

Fourteen years ago today, on a sunny and warm autumn morning, my wife and I woke up to the reality of a married couple.

It was the first day of our new life as a family. We were so young and naive that we had no idea what this would mean for us or how we’re gonna do anything in life, but we’ve both said yes to this idea of marriage. We’ve made the decision.

I remember we had a couple of “honeymoon" days in the Carpathian mountains where we drove my dad’s old car over the highest road pass in Romania, the Transfagarasan. That was a courageous decision in itself given the shape of the road, the age of the car itself, the fact that we were low on fuel and my limited driving experience. Take a look at the amazing scenery.

We wanted to reach higher and further than we’ve been before. And it became our mantra to always strive to reach higher and further.

Yesterday we celebrated fourteen years of marriage.

Looking back at the journey...

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Mindset shift #039 - The value of a different perspective

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2019

Open your mind to a different perspective. You not only need to welcome different perspectives but, you have to embrace them if you are to create breakthroughs in any industry.

Join us and hear a different perspective from world-thought leaders brought to you directly into your community.
Learn more at

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