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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E6 - What do you feed your mind with?

awareness mindset Jul 18, 2020
What you feed your mind, leads your life. How do you stay alert about what you let into your mind? We've chosen to not have a TV in our home for more than three years, and we honestly don't miss one at all. How do you select your sources of information?

#becomeyourbestversion #mindset #inspiration #awareness
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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E5 - Focus & Shinny objects syndrome

focus mindest Jul 17, 2020

How do you stay focussed on what's important to you? Perhaps you suffer as I do from the "shiny objects syndrome." Sounds familiar? Here is Florin's take on it. ;)

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #focus

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E4 - Possible vs Impossible

mindset Jul 16, 2020

What have you made an agreement with to be impossible? Whatever you believe is possible or impossible for you, you're right. Where in your life could you expand the picture of what's possible for you?

#becomeyourbestversion #inspiration #impossible #mindset

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E3 - Perspectives on failure

failure mindset Jul 15, 2020

What's your view on failure? Most people try to avoid failure and yet if we don't try new things we never know what we miss out. What surprises me most is that people want to become good at doing something or master a certain field but would like to do it without any failure. That's impossible. Thre is nothing you do well the first time, but you have to start to become good. ;)

#becomeyourbestversion #inspiration #failure #mindset

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E2 - Creative Mindset

entrepreneurship mindset Jul 14, 2020

Many times we focus too much on the competition and we compare ourselves to others to gauge progress. And yet the key to entrepreneurship is creativity and innovation. When you can stay in this creative mindset instead of going into competing mode, you always win.

#becomeyourbestversion #mindset 

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E1 - Perspectives on failure

failure mindset Jul 13, 2020

How do you see failure? Oprah Winfrey said, "There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction." Here is my take on it and why I believe failure and disappointment come from attachments.

#becomeyourbestversion #inspiration #failure

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Navigating the Crisis - 10 Things Outstanding Leaders Do In Tough Times

crisis leadership Mar 27, 2020

If you are a Business Leader, CEO, C-Suite Executive, HR Professional, Entrepreneur, a thought leader in your community or you just want to know how to lead your family through these times, this is for you!

Through my association with John C. Maxwell and The John Maxwell Team, I put together a 10-Step Strategy to Better Navigate Through the Crisis and I built a 10-part online course to share with you how to unpack and apply these ten steps.

Here is a summary video with the 10 steps and we already posted the first three detailed teaching videos on our online platform where you can create an account and get access to the full program completely free.

And if you scroll through our Become Your Best Version LinkedIn and Facebook pages, you'd find them as well.

So let's dig into these steps. Click on the picture below to play the video or continue reading to discover the 10 Things Leaders do in Times of Crisis.

Here they are.


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Stuck at home? The positive side of it.

Uncategorized Mar 16, 2020

In this period what we need most is a little bit of positivity.

If you're stuck at home take advantage of that. Spend time with your family, play with your kids, read a book.

Sooner or later it will be over and we could all get stronger out of it if we put this time into improving ourselves.

Get better in any area you wanted to improve but you didn't have the time to do it before. Take advantage of this time and learn something new. Read a book, take a course, join a webinar. Anything you could do to stay away from the negative news and grow yourself personally so you get out stronger on the other side of it.

Tune in for more thoughts on how to make the most out of your quarantine time.

Be well. Stay healthy. And make it a fantastic week! #mindset

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Weekend challenge - 100 reasons to be grateful for



Take a pen and paper and list 100 reasons why you're grateful for.

Are you in?

Here are some reasons why I feel grateful:

I am grateful to be able to spend this weekend in Strömstad.

I am grateful to be able to do what I love and love what I do.

I am grateful to have a loving wife by my side.

I am grateful to have supportive parents.

I am grateful for my healthy body.

I am grateful for having a warm and cozy house.

I am grateful for my gifts and talents.


You know, there is a big difference between being grateful and being thankful. We usually say thank you for something we have received so it has to do with the past, but being grateful is being thankful for something that you know is going to happen in the future. 

I thought to add clarification in regards to the difference between being Thankful vs Grateful. 

So, what are you grateful for? 

Share your comments below. 

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Diversity & Inclusion through Personality

Are you part of a team or a workgroup?
If you are, this is for you because the topic that Florin Lungu wants to share today is #diversity and #inclusion.
You might wonder what has this to do with me?
Well, it has everything to do with you because if you're part of a team or a workgroup, chances are the people in that group are different than you are.
And, we have found through research and the application of our tools with companies all over the world, that diversity and inclusion are two critical parts of effective teamwork.
And I think you would agree with that, right?
Because we cannot expect that a team performs well if they don't understand each other's individualities and they cannot meet on that important field of common ground.
What we have done at the John Maxwell team is, we have created a #communication and #leadership #assessment based on #personality and John Maxwell's over five decades of...
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