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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E16 - Purpose & Passion

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

If you can't figure out your purpose, focus on your passion, for your passion will lead you straight into your purpose. Knowing your purpose will help you live a happier life, but you don't know what your purpose is, just guess. Don't let that keep you away from exploring your passions. 

at Become Your Best Version - Scandinavian Leaders

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E15 - Mindset multiplies skill

entrepreneurship mindset Jul 27, 2020

In today's world where most companies hire skill, attitude and mindset are heavily underrated. We all know that developing a winning mindset has a multiplying factor on any skills you already have, but let me ask you this, how much time to invest in building your mindset compared with acquiring new skills? 

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #mindset #attitude Florin Lungu - Scandinavian Leaders

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E14 - Happiness, Mindset & Attitude

attitude happiness mindset Jul 26, 2020

Do you let things you cannot change to influence your attitude? So many people allow the weather, the state of the economy, and what other people think to influence the way they feel. These are facts of life that you have no control over, but what you can control is your attitude and your mindset, says Florin Lungu.

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #mindset #attitude 

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E13 - Winning Mindset

entrepreneruship mindset Jul 25, 2020

Have you ever started something and then stopped because you haven't seen results? You are not alone, so did Florin Lungu. If that sounds familiar, tune in for today's message. You need to hear this.

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #mindset

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E12 - Yesterday's success

mindset Jul 24, 2020

Don't let yesterday's success stop you from taking your next step today. If what you've done last month still excites you, perhaps that's a sign that you haven't tried many new things since then, says Florin Lungu. He goes on to share what his mentor, Paul Martinelli asserted on the same topic, "Be grateful but never satisfied." What's your take on this?

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #mindset

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E11 - Your Dream Team

entrepreneurship team Jul 23, 2020

If you struggle with finding people to join you on your dream team, tune into this. Hear from Florin Lungu and find out what determines the size of your team.

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #dreamteam

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E10 - Perspectives on Relationships

relationships Jul 22, 2020

What are the most important relationships for you? People go in business and take jobs to sustain their private life and their families. Perhaps that's true for you too. If that's the case, then the relationships you most focus on are the ones at home, says Florin Lungu. If you do that, all other relationships will get easier.

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #relationships

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E9 - Character

character mindset Jul 21, 2020

Character isn't built in a day or in a crisis, it is merely revealed there. As champions aren't made in the ring, they are are only recognized there, so is character too. What we do daily builds our character, says Florin Lungu, and depending on what that is, we're either building it or repairing it. ;)

#becomeyourbetversion #dailyinspiration #character #mindset

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E8 - Challenged to Change

challenge change mindset Jul 20, 2020

Change isn't something we naturally seek, but it is essential to our evolution. People set goals and expect to achieve them without changing, but what Florin Lungu found to be true is that the purpose of a goal is to challenge and change him so he becomes the person that can have that goal. What's your take on this one?

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #challenge #change

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Daily Thoughts - S1 - E7 - Perspectives on failure


What does failing mean to you? For Florin Lungu isn't falling down, but staying down. and Albert Einstein said, "you never fail until you stop trying." Where in your life have you decided to stop trying?

#becomeyourbestversion #dailyinspiration #failure #mindset

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